Friday, March 22, 2013

Before/After - my room in the US

Some ideas how to decorate with a very limited budget and when you know you will not be spending long there and you will not be able to bring home more then one suitcase.

I spent 2011 in the US working on my PhD in a town near Boston. This was my room. I know it looks very collegey:-) but I really liked it actually. I think the budget for decorating this room was lets say 80 USD (not including the cost for the bed which was somewhere around 200 USD) .

First night. Its not bad but it looked empty and impersonal. I bought the bed and borrowed everything else from friends.

So I used my clothing, posters and some things I found as a decoration. 

And this was my room for the last 3 months when I moved into smaller room in the same apartment.

Carpe Diem, M.

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