Tuesday, March 19, 2013

House renovation series - The Kitchen

I know I've said I will do the bedroom story next, but believe me kitchen is much better (and I managed to get all the kitchen photos together - yay). 

Lets start with before.


And bear in mind this was after I got rid of a lot of mugs, vases, dried flowers and other stuff that was on display. Im not saying it was bad, it was a nice country style kitchen but it was not what I like. All the wooden columns and the high bar were making the room small and dark. Also the appliances were a little outdated.

Don't pay attention to the flag. Its a souvenir from my year in the US and this was taken just after I've gotten back home and was still trying to find a good place for it.

We decided everything has to go. Except the tiles on the floor. I actually liked them a lot and I thought they would work really great in a modern kitchen. We took everything out from the room, changed the location of water and electricity, painted the walls, radiators and the doors (the new cabinets and these brown doors - bad bad combination:-))

And here is the final result:


The metallic bird is a souvenir from Paris, the tin Wolverine sign is a souvenir from NYC, small budha statue is a gift from friend.

I got the cabinet for free and painted it white. DIY coming soon.

It turned out better then expected. Because the color of the cabinets is very basic it will be easy to change the feel of the kitchen with colorful accessories. 

Time: 2 weeks

Total costs: 6500 EUR for the cabinets + dishwasher + owen + stove
500 EUR for the fridge
350 EUR for the sink and faucet
230 EUR for the glass panel on the wall
Chairs: 150 EUR
100 EUR for the blinds, light fixtures and other small items
200 EUR for the paint and other materials
All the work was done by ourselves so there was no work expenses. 
Total: aprox. 8030 EUR

And I just have to show you how bad it looked before doors were painted white:-)

Carpe Diem,


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