Sunday, March 24, 2013

House Renovation Series - My Wardrobe

When I moved here I got these two brown wardrobes with sliding doors as a place to keep my clothes. I hated them, because of the small sliding doors I was able to see only 40 cm of my clothes at once. There was also not enough space for everything.

This were the photos on the opposite wall.


As soon as I was able to I designed new ceiling high built in wardrobe.


Yes, I've hung the first page of my first scientific paper and a photo of immunostained embryonic stem cells - my PhD work:-))

The hallway just went from dark and narrow to bright and spacious. Im still surprised by the illusion of space and the light the huge mirror brings in. When I was arranging clothes in my new space I discovered many items I forgot to have. Its much easier to get dressed in the mornings because now I can see all my clothes:-)

Carpe Diem,


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