Thursday, March 21, 2013

House Renovation Series - Computer & Music Room

The final touches in this room were my favorite project and probably the biggest visual transformation with very little work.

This is how it started. 


We tore down a wall. On the left you can see the doors to the bedroom - the small room behind the hole in the floors (where the cat is) was a small dressing room adjacent to the bedroom that I've already mentioned. This way we gained a bigger and brighter room. The previous two windows in this room are on the north wall and the room always felt dark and cold. After demolishing the wall we added a third window that opens to the west. Now the room has beautiful afternoon light.

After my boyfriend finished the walls everything looked like this.

It was ok, but because the room is very long and narrow it didn't feel comfortable and nice to me. So after searching online for the ideas I decided to paint the wall with the window dark grey and to hang some 25 years old commercials from the Rolling Stone magazine on the wall next to it.


The gray wall really visually brings that end of the room closer. Its such a difference. 
And I adore this gallery wall. Bonus points, because boyfriend likes it too:-) (98% of the time he does't care about my decorating decisions).

I bought him a coffee plant. Also this is the first plant he cares about and will maybe survive my absence:-)

My US flag finally has a perfect spot (boyfriend doesn't mind its in his room).

- Materials for the wall 100 EUR
- Desk 45 EUR (used)
- Grey paint 8 EUR
- Frames 26 EUR
- Grey baskets, plants: 40 EUR
We've already had everything else.

Two weeks for the walls, one afternoon for my final touches.

Carpe Diem,


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